Solaris 11 and Metasplolit

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Just to follow up on the different OS scenarios from the previous posts, here is a test done on Solaris 11.1 x86 in Qemu KVM. Setup is nothing special, standard way of creating hdd qcow2 image, and launching the VM. … Continue reading

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Setting up X11 on Tru64 VM via VNC

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Ok, so we have the Tru64 up and running inside the alphavm and now we want to have a fancy X11 desktop with CDE window manager. Here is a quick howto for setting up vncserver and CDE on the Tru64. … Continue reading

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Running Tru64 UNIX inside a VM for Metasploit testing

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With Virtual technology nowadays it is possible to emulate almost anything, and for those that wish to play around with not-so-common operation systems for the Alpha processor family there exists a great software called EmuVM, which is available for free … Continue reading

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64bit OSX hacking with Metasploit

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In the previous articles I was describing how to install and run 64bit OSX in KVM (in this example it is Mountain Lion 10.8.2), now lest focus on some simple exercise in creating an installer via Iceberg which would contain … Continue reading

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Customising Meterpreter Loader DLL part. 2

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Today I will show you an interesting example how to search for vulnerable Dll functions that we can compile into our custom Meterpreter DLL loader and let a signed executable execute it. I have taken the good old Kaspersky Removal … Continue reading

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Custom Meterpreter loader DLL

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This was actually discovered by a pure chance as I have wanted to try something with GCC and accidentally compiled a windows C source code as a dll using the -shared option in MinGW. Here is another interesting example how … Continue reading

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Wargames part 2 delivering payloads through PDFs

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In another example, let us focus on popular PDF documents. The exploit used in this demo was originally written by WebDEVil  and can be downloaded from here ExploitAdobeReader  This is nothing new, but it is a nice example to demonstrate … Continue reading

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