Victor Cleaner vs. Antivirus

Introducing a little utility to help against modern AV engines during pentest. It is still in early stages and the code is very dirty.

During my tests against modern Antivirus engines I came across the “King of the Hill” BitDefender Internet Security 2012. It is really good. I can get a FUD shell against the target running this AV but cannot use the Metasploit System Elevate functions to get NT Authority\System rights. It tags this action as an exploit attempt and immediately kills the offending process. So how to totally own the target that is running this AV ?  Only thing I could come up with was removal from memory and stopping the services associated with BitDefender.  In my little demo I will show you how far I got.

I’ve created a little tool called Victor Cleaner to help silently “kill” running AVs, unload them and stop their services so they do not respawn. It needs UAC elevation on Vista/Win7 of course.

I had some good results with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 as you can see in the previous article here : Kaspersky vs. Victor Cleaner

More information on the whole subject will be published later. I do not want script-kiddie abuse as it could do real harm.


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4 Responses to Victor Cleaner vs. Antivirus

  1. pentest0r says:

    Pls share the Victor Cleaner —>>> TKS

  2. N30x says:

    Please share it again? I would be forever in your debt..

  3. N30x says:

    Just did a little more research, I know there is some kind of Encryption, Please give me a Chance to try to Decrypt the’s all that I’m asking..

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