Lets remember some people ….

People forget, lets go back and bring back some truly random thoughts

These people came from different nationalities, religions and classes for fighting for what is right knows not of race, color or creed.

France Bloch-Serazin was beheaded in Hamburg on 12 February 1943, just before her 30th birthday, for her active role in the French resistance.

In May 1939, she married Frédo Sérazin, a metallurgist working at the automobile factory Hispano-Suiza. Together they had one son, Roland. Frédo was arrested in February 1940 by the Daladier government. After the installation of the Vichy regime, she was barred from her laboratory as a Jewish communist and had to work as a tutor in order to survive. In 1941, she participated in the first groups of the communist resistance led by Raymond Losserand and installed a small, rudimentary laboratory in her two-room apartment on the Place du Danube. Working with Colonel Dumont, she made grenades and detonators used in attacks organized by the youth resistance at the end of August 1941.
France Bloch was arrested by the French police on May 16, 1942. After 4 months of interrogation and torture, she was condemned to death by a German military tribunal, and along with 18 co-conspirators, who were all immediately executed. Meanwhile, Bloch herself was deported to Germany and imprisoned in a fortress at Lübeck. She was subjected to further torture there, and was decapitated by axe in Hamburg on February 12, 1943.
Irena Bernaskova The first Czech woman sentenced to death by the People’s Court (Volksgeristhof) for anti Nazi activities. She was involved in publication of the largest illegal resistance periodical “V Boj” (Into Battle). She was sentenced to death on 5 March 1942 and beheaded in Plotzensee prison on 26 August 1942 at the age of 38. A brave woman, she was a Czech equivalent of Sophie Scholl.

Marie Kuderikova was a Czech student actively involved in the Czech Resistance to Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia in WWII. She was arrested by Gestapo in 1941, sentenced to death and beheaded in Wroclaw on 26 March 1943, two days after her 22nd birthday.

Franz Reinisch, a Catholic priest, was beheaded on 21 August 1942 in Plotzensee prison at the age of 39 for his anti Nazi sermons and refusal to serve in the military and to give an oath of allegiance.



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