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Looting LiveCDs part 2.

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Another great LiveCD is one from Kaspersky Labs called Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 downloadable from here : It is a powerful antivirus scanning engine with many interesting and useful tools, which I wanted to try running locally on my … Continue reading


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Looting LiveCDs for fun and profit

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Recently I ran into a need to run a good native Antivirus software on one of my linux boxes (Debian amd64). There are many available options, but I have always liked F-Secure and its products for some reason. F-Secure offers … Continue reading

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Windows 8.1 64bit msv1_0.dll patch update

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Recently Microsoft has issued a Consumer Preview ¬†for public download of Windows 8.1. I have gone through the msv1_0.dll file to look for the msvppasswordvalidate function in the dll and patch the corresponding section with a bypass code. There are … Continue reading

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