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Solaris 11 and Metasplolit

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Just to follow up on the different OS scenarios from the previous posts, here is a test done on Solaris 11.1 x86 in Qemu KVM. Setup is nothing special, standard way of creating hdd qcow2 image, and launching the VM. … Continue reading

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Setting up X11 on Tru64 VM via VNC

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Ok, so we have the Tru64 up and running inside the alphavm and now we want to have a fancy X11 desktop with CDE window manager. Here is a quick howto for setting up vncserver and CDE on the Tru64. … Continue reading

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Running Tru64 UNIX inside a VM for Metasploit testing

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With Virtual technology nowadays it is possible to emulate almost anything, and for those that wish to play around with not-so-common operation systems for the Alpha processor family there exists a great software called EmuVM, which is available for free … Continue reading


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