Yet another Windows 10 post after some time

I had not much time lately to post anything, as too many sad thing are happening around the world. Unfortunately these have kept me busy for these past few months as I have tried hard to analyze the news coming to me from various sources. It saddens me too much to see so many people suffer especially in Ukraine. A few years back I have visited Ukraine for a first time and found out to my amazement that this place (where I visited) was exactly alive like I remember my neighborhood from my childhood where I grew up. No exact places, just a mention, simple feeling as there is way too much hatred among the Ukrainians already. The greens between the blocks of flats were alive with children playing, screaming and shouting. Just like I remember my childhood from my place which nowadays is silent and empty. Except that the streets are filled up with fancy cars, kids sit at home by their computers and neighbors don’t give a fuck about each other …..

I have dug up some old “dash-screen” recording from some “pen-test” session which I thing some might enjoy. Anyways the music just “fits” into the recording so I think the whole video is self-explanatory. As usual – Metasploit, Windows 10, ESET and some scrip-fu.


Enjoy, and lets hope there is still some sanity left :)


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  1. zimmaro_the_g0at says:

    welcome back :-) +1

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