Cryptsetup Initrd root Shell demonstration

I have an old Asus EEE PC 4G (trusty tiny laptop) running Debian 8 with LUKS encryption on LVM so as soon as I have heard the news about CVE-2106-4484 I wanted to see the bug in action. Now what does this remind me of ? ……

In my case my disk is split as follows :

/dev/sda1  bootable  partition ID 83 Linux  
/dev/sda2            partition ID 5  Extended 
/dev/sda5            partition ID 83 Linux

I have a LVM partition /dev/eee-vg/root and /dev/eee-vg/swap_1

And on the /dev/sda1 the following:


Just holding the enter for a while when the decryption password gets asked gives you the

(initrams) shell with uid0

Here is a recording I have made of the bug



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