Bourne again Jason

From the collection of WTF moments here come some juicy screenshots from some 1337 hacking scenes in the new James Bourne movie.

I had no strength to actually watch the movie, but somebody told me there are some  hacking scenes so I took some screens and decided to comment them here.

CIA agents (or who the hell they are there) doing some tracing


root@leelaptop:/# $ traceroute 191.....
1 CIA-langley.mainserver2.log 
2 paris.fra911.datadb-datacenter
3 brazil.r02.brazillia.datacenter 
5 New ( 1.748 ms ( 
6 Moscow.Kremlin.2.KGB.as1.Level3.CI ( 
7 Reykjavik.Ic1.DataCent.Level3.NT (4.08.303.34)

OK, so there are a few WTF parts here. First I love the leelaptop hostname :D Ommiting the #$, the  traceroute command  shows only the first octet 191… but the result is some bogus 4.08.303.34 (?????) address in Reykjavik Iceland ? Not to mention that the second hop from Langleys mainserver2 (woooh) directly to another continent Europe to Paris. Next hop we jump directly to South America to Brazil, next it jumps to another continent Africa in Cape Town (nice memories….) from there directly to India…..and from there ….whoho ..straight to Moscow Kremlin KGB !!!! .. and final hop to Iceland.

Do I see a B.R.I.(C).S. pattern here ?  Hey CIA .. why not involve Chine in your traceroute … Anyways, I suspect that the technical advisor here was doing this on purpose (to make it look dumb and idiotic for the technical audience, but sophisticated enough for the masses)

I like the 303, 261 octets … hey ..last time this shit was around it was in the movie called THE NET and they had much cooler IPs there : 75.748.86.91 pfff.

Final WTF screenshot comes from the scene where somebody hacks into the U.S. Air Security &  Border Protection database.


heather.lee@cia-cyber:~ ssh root@ 
root@'s password: **************
[root@TSACONTROLSRV~]# cd/bin/database

Now this is the major WTF from the whole movie :) my favourite.   The ultra spy hostname as cia-cyber looks really pro ! Not mentioning the 256 octet in the remote server where she is sshing to ….. I love the root@’s password asterisks, direct root login via ssh …pffff …. and the cd/bin/database killer combo command finished by the LAS DATABASE access ….

This is too much …


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2 Responses to Bourne again Jason

  1. dosfanboy says:

    They deliberately use invalid IP addresses in movies so that people won’t start pinging or visiting those addresses (which may be small home networks) and causing an overload equivalent to a DDoS attack. It’s basically the same reason that every phone number in movies starts with an area code of 555. It’s to cover their own asses and avoid being sued.

    • astr0baby says:

      OK, I can understand this … but realistically how many people are going to actually note the IPs in the movies ? I can bet it wont be much … and even if a real IP was used how the hell are you gonna DOS it ? If I would be a serious movie producer I would make sure to register a valid IPs and host some relevant movie content on it and let some serious hosting provider handle the incoming traffic.
      These bogus IPs are just lame and leave a bad after-taste of the whole movie experience … (be it whatever …)

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