Unix OS archaeology – Soviet UNIX clone DEMOS pt.2

I wonder if there would ever be some archaeology classes about various operating systems in the future,  if yes, I would definitely enrol ! One of my key interests is old system emulation !

whereI will try to add some more stuff here from the good ol’ Unix times … I have some ancient AIX  1.3 for PS/2 system VirtualBox image available which I want to convert to KVM…. ah well, when time allows …

Here is a video recording of some wild command line stuff on the old Soviet PDP11 clone Unix called DEMOS.  None of the standard 1337 exploitation techniques seem to work :)


Reference article is here :


По аллеям ценрального парка
С пионером гуляла вдова
Пожалела вдова пионера
и вдова пионеру дала

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