Installing OpenVMS V8.4-2 on alphavm Pt. 2

So we have configured and enabled the TCPIP licenses and got everything up and running.

Now lets get the TCPIP configured on OpenVMS.

Configuration is menu driven and fairly simple. It is initiated by the following command


First we need to configure the network device (in our case interface WE1) Here is an example of my config that I use

Next we configure the BIND resolver

Before we do the configuration, make sure you add the desired DNS hostname into the hosts database (do not edit the SYS$COMMON:[SYSEXE]TCPIP$HOST.DAT directly, use the CONFIG.COM command to do so like this

tcpip> SET HOST googledns /address=

And setup the default route as follows


Once you have the DNS resolver in the Hosts database you can use the @TCPIP$CONFIG.COM ; here is my config

Next we want to configure SSH/SSHD services on our OpenVMS box. Please note that the host ssh key generation process takes some time (approx 5 minutes on alphavm_free)

Once we have the SSH configured and working, we want the TCPIP settings saved so upon next reboot the configuration comes up.

We need to use a good terminal emulator to edit files on OpenVMS so I have used Putty in this example

Make sure to set the following command to auto-configure the terminal


To allow TCP/IP Services software to start automatically when the system starts up, and to stop automatically when the system shuts down, edit the SYS$COMMON:[SYSMGR]SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM file to remove the exclamation point (!) from the beginning of the following line:

   ---So it looks like this---

Save text by CTRL+Z   (:exit)
Discard changes by CTR+Y   (:exit)

Next – OpenVMS metasploit tests .. this might take some time :) but well worth a try.


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