Free OpenVMS 8.4-2 accounts till September 2017

When I was young, I got my first free UNIX shell @

Now its 2017 and its my turn … 20 years after !

I humbly offer OpenVMS 8.4-2 shells for free to pay off my debt.

Those interested please ping me.

Forty years on, when afar and asunder
Parted are those who are singing today,
When you look back, and forgetfully wonder
What you were like in your work and your play,
Then, it may be, there will often come o’er you,
Glimpses of notes like the catch of a song –
Visions of boyhood shall float them before you,
Echoes of dreamland shall bear them along,
Follow up! Follow up! Follow up
Follow up! Follow up
Till the field ring again and again,
With the tramp of the twenty-two men.
Follow up! Follow up!
Routs and discomfitures, rushes and rallies,
Bases attempted, and rescued, and won,
Strife without anger and art without malice, –
How will it seem to you, forty years on?
Then, you will say, not a feverish minute
Strained the weak heart and the wavering knee,
Never the battle raged hottest, but in it.
Neither the last nor the faintest, were we!
Follow up! etc....
Oh the great days. in the distance enchanted,
Days of fresh air, in the rain and the sun,
How we rejoiced as we struggled and panted –
Hardly believable, forty years on!
How we discoursed of them, one with another,
Auguring triumph, or balancing fate,
Loved the ally with the heart of a brother,
Hated the foe with a playing at hate!
Follow up etc.
Forty years on, growing older and older,
Shorter in wind, as in memory long,
Feeble of foot, and rheumatic of shoulder,
What will it help you that once you were strong?
God give us bases to guard or beleaguer,
Games to play out, whether earnest or fun;
Fights for the fearless, and goals for the eager,
Twenty, and thirty, and forty years on!



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11 Responses to Free OpenVMS 8.4-2 accounts till September 2017

  1. Alexis VACHETTE @ gnunhu says:

    Great idea. Is it possible to have an account ? Thank you very much !

  2. Yes, if they is still one available I would like to play with VMS a bit, again. VMS/X86_64 can’t be too long away.

  3. chmoka says:

    Great work! I’ve been following your activity on Twitter (mostly looking for a ‘deathrow’ cluster-esque project). I know my account is new however I saw you mention to comment here for a shell account. Please let me know of any information you require. Keep up the good work!

  4. jerome says:

    hello astr0baby, could you create me an account?

  5. shimon says:

    Hi astr0baby ,

    Can i get an OpenVMS free account also ?

    Thanks !

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