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Getting Doomsday 2000 working on simulated Alpha OpenVMS 8.4-2

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It always amazes me when such gems emerge due to somebody’s will to learn something. Schola ludus Here is a short howto on  how to get this special game working on our simulated Alpha OpenVMS The creation of this game … Continue reading

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Setting up DW-MOTIF on OpenVMS 8.4-2 alphavm (linux64)

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OK, this was one of the toughest missions that I would not be able to finish without some external help (Thanks to Stephen Hoffman‏ @HoffmanLabs ) who has pointed me in the right direction on how to obtain the proper OpenVMS … Continue reading

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What me worry ? #Krack

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The latest news about the KRACK gave me a nice flashback from the 2005’s and 2006’s. Back then almost nobody used Wireless encryption, nor the HTTPS as default for web traffic. Those were the days …. We have survived the … Continue reading

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Gentoo Alpha image

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Here you go !  Now you can run simulated Alpha (DS20e – Alpha Station) Gentoo Linux  on your x86-64 !    

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Exploring OpenVMS from “unsecure” NFS mount on linux

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Now this is something that no admin would do with his/hers OpenVMS system, but since I run this in my lab and I like to experiment, I wanted to share my findings. Getting around filesystem on the OpenVMS is a … Continue reading

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Running Lynx on OpenVMS 8.4.2

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Strangely enough there is almost no information on the Internet on how to run lynx.exe on OpenVMS. Maybe my Google-Fu is bad (it is) and maybe most will ask “Why the hell do you want to run Lynx on OpenVMS … Continue reading

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