Setting up DW-MOTIF on OpenVMS 8.4-2 alphavm (linux64)

OK, this was one of the toughest missions that I would not be able to finish without some external help (Thanks to )

who has pointed me in the right direction on how to obtain the proper OpenVMS Hobbyist license

Please refer to the following OpenVMS articles prior you get started

So these are the steps I have taken (First you need to register to DECUServe)  Check more info @

To register for DECUServe

ssh to 
⁃ login with username REGISTRATION 
⁃ follow the bouncing ball..

Make sure you make the following ~/.ssh/config entry for the above host on your Linux machine (if recent)
KexAlgorithms +diffie-hellman-group1-sha1
HostKeyAlgorithms +ssh-dss

Once you get registered on the DEVUServe you can apply for the hobbyist licenses via

It took me a day before I received the Hobbyist License PAK.

Once you have it, install the DW-MOTIF license as follows

Load license for DW-MOTIF


Register DW-MOTIF like so

grep for the DW-MOTIF info in the LIC file you receive.

                     Issuer:  DEC
              Authorization:  xxxxxxxxx
               Product Name:  DW-MOTIF
                   Producer:  DEC
                      Units:  0
               Release Date:  
           Termination Date:  xxxxxxxx
                   Activity:  CONSTANT=100
                Hardware ID:  
                   Checksum:  xxxxxxxx

Next we will configure Xming via wine on Linux to actually be able to connect to the simulated OpenVMS Motif desktop.

Unfortunately both Xnest and Xephyr dont work well in this case (both crash after approx 1 minute of the OpenVMS Desktop)

What works for me is the following configuration


Next login to the OpenVMS and initiate the OpenVMS Dekstop via the following

$ set display/create/node=
$ run sys$system:decw$startlogin.exe

And on the Linux machine with the installed Xming execute the following

~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Xming $ wine Xming.exe :1

You should now get the following OpenVMS login screen

After you log in with your creds you get the OpenVMS desktop to play around with


Video of the above config

And installing/running Secure Web Browser V1.1-12 for OpenVMS Alpha 


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