Some interesting moments from the “Who am I – Kein System ist sicher ” movie

Another one from the collection of the WTF moments … maybe this one is slightly better then the others. A great German movie from the 2014  That I have just watched recently/

From this movie one can remember this word – NIEMAND

Niemand is synonymous with keiner (no one), which is the nominalised masculine form of the pronoun kein (no). In written German, niemand is more common than keiner, whereas colloquial German often prefers the latter. (Note that keiner can also be used in other senses, in which niemand is not applicable.)

This movie is also laced by Ritalin, as one can glimpse throughout the movie … something the low-class hippies of the 70’s enjoyed a lot (read – poor man’s speed)

I have made some screenshots from the film that I wanted to comment (from the technical ascpect)  So lets start

First glimpse of the console and Nmap pops in .. I guess this is a classic now and a great introduction to all the wonderful NSE scripts (its already mentioned in the hall of fame

Next comes some wild exploit attempt to shut down the German power provider to show a point

In next hax0r scene we see is Benjamin sabotaging the local Nazi convention’s main speakers laptop and hooking it up to a rogue AP … some wild console-fu there …

Next we jump into some 1337 shell pr0n on top of the Berlin rooftops

while injecting a custom mp4 to the major German morning business news channel

And leaving a rather rude message to all the poor Business people out there …

Next there is an attack on some big German Pharma .. involves in hacking the main HQ building lights and displaying a message like we simulate with BlinkenLights .. hey this was done in Berlin right ? by the CCC already no ? :)

We are 1337 …

And while we are at it we can win us some nice German Porshe in a Phone contest….

But when we party with the girlz … well things don’t turn out so well …

MRX master hax0r from the Darknet does not care what we did…. so we do something to impress him … we hack BND …um … by phising its employees …

With nice LOL Catz  “Can I haz some Cheesburger plz ? ”

So we hack the shit out of BDN once in …

And target the main BND print server and alter the print jobs there ….

Who the hell is this MRX anyway  … so we go on IRC again … lets find out

He lets us talk to him ! All hail the master .

But lets destroy all the HDD with some Acid now … remember Viktor from Brutal Nikita ?

So we prepare a 1337 double trojan and feed it to MRX on IRC

He does not bite … Bitchez ! Looks at me ! Well we end our command line pr0n here … it was actually a nice movie and I have enjoyed it a lot …

Is this where the authors of Mr. Robot got the original idea from ? heh ?



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5 Responses to Some interesting moments from the “Who am I – Kein System ist sicher ” movie

  1. localhost says:

    You Got My Attention
    lol awesome post

  2. Tomy nix says:

    what is the system name < (used in movie )

  3. assajeeb says:

    what irc channel is used?

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