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Running macOS Mojave 10.14 on VirtualBox 5.2.18 on Linux x86_64

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As of VirtualBox 6.1 Clover.iso is not needed, since VirtualBox supports EFI APFS boot now Short entry here, since it was covered in the early article (which you can find here -> ) how to setup the Mojave-Beta in … Continue reading


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Running Solaris 2.6 (sparc) on qemu-system-sparc in Linux x86_64 (Mint 19)

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Next chapter in our Computer Archeology articles. This time it will be about emulating the legendary Sun Solaris 2.6 that dates back to July 1997 and which included Kerberos 5, PAM, TrueType fonts, WebNFS, large file support and enhanced procfs. … Continue reading

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Running AIX 1.3 inside Virtual Box 5.2.16

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IBM AIX has been around many years , actually its 32 years now. The latest version is AIX 7.2 and runs only on IBM ppc64 architecture. However around the end of the 1980s  a special port of AIX came out … Continue reading

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Understanding how DLL Hijacking works

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It is vital to understand how these vulnerabilities in fact work (DLL Hijacking from valid Windows PE32 executables) So we will prepare a real world scenario and will use an outdated piece of software for this demonstration and run it … Continue reading

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Bypassing latest Avast AV on Windows 10 x86_64

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Short post here, Having read a really nice article about avoiding modern AVs (again and again) by @ParanoidNinja here  I have decided to add my 0.1 % of code to his to make it a little easier to use on … Continue reading

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