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Running MVS 3.8 on Hercules NetBSD arm64 Pinebook

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The Pinebook is an amazing little piece of hardware, and with the price tag of 100 USD a great way how to learn computer basics and enjoy it in the meantime. I have decided to cover my experience with NetBSD … Continue reading

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Reverse shell on AIX 7.2

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The current msfvenom (metasploit) payloads for AIX are aged and do not work on AIX systems anymore.  Here is an example of what is available right now # ./msfvenom -l payload | grep aix aix/ppc/shell_bind_tcp Listen for a connection and … Continue reading

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Running AIX 7.2 TL3SP1 on x86_64 via qemu-system-ppc64

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Who would not wish to run the best operating system on earth on his pity Intel Laptop ? I will describe here what I have done with the help of others and share some of my findings and recommendations how … Continue reading

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Gentoo on Alpha – Flying Circus 2

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Today is the All Soul’s Day and people usually spend some time remembering the dead. I will take the opportunity and remember the dead computer architecture Alpha (made by Digital which was the top computer hardware in the 90s and … Continue reading

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