Starcraft on Pinebookpro Manjaro (aarch64)

Lately Im not updating this blog too much, so if anybody wants to follow some fresh randomness – please check

Added a few HOWTOs for the Pinebookpro here in case anybody is interested

Age of Empires II –

– the code is still work-in-progress but the game is partially playable

Might and Magic 3 –

Starcraft 1 –

Game is playable on 800×600 resolution without crashes, on larger I have observed crashes during structure build animation.

All the above links are ASCII friendly and really usable in console browsers like Lynx, Elinks




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4 Responses to Starcraft on Pinebookpro Manjaro (aarch64)

  1. Henk says:

    Not on Twitter so hijacking the comments to ask you a question. I see you’re doing a lot of m1, could you please try AXPBOX and openvms on the m1? If it compiles and if it runs maybe faster, benchmark?

    • astr0baby says:

      for OpenVMS only axpbox or es40 sims are only opensource solutions I know of capable to run OpenVMS (axpbox does not build on the M1 and I have not yet tried es40) – AXPBOX might have issues on the M1 since there is no way how to run 32bit stuff on the M1 (except running the whole CPU simulator like qemu-system-i386 -> which I have not yet tried)

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