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Installing High Sierra 10.13.5 in VirtualBox 5.2.12 on Linux x86_64

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A little update (since I have not found a reliable way how to upgrade the existing High Sierra pre 10.13.5 in VirtualBox) is to follow the exact same steps as mentioned here With these exceptions Download MacOS 10.13.5 iso … Continue reading

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Installing Ubuntu 18.04 Server s390x in Hercules Mainframe simulator

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Honestly I had very little interest in the IBM Z mainframe computers (zEC12 and up)  ( but recently Mainframes caught my interest (Thanks to Soldier of FORTRAN  @mainframed767 So lets see if we can run Mainframe Ubuntu … Continue reading

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Mainframe Hacking CYOA

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Mainframe Hacker a Choose Your Own Adventure game. Exclusively on the Apple Macintosh. — Soldier of FORTRAN (@mainframed767) April 10, 2018 Had a great time playing through the amazing game created by Phil Young (Soldier of Fortran @mainframed767). … Continue reading

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Windows 10 May 2018 Updates – Mimikatz and Kekeo

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First of all, kudos to @GentilKiwi for the Mimikatz and Kekeo. I have used Mimikatz since 2012 when I learned of its existence and first tried it. Recently I have stumbled across a following Tweet and wondered how does the … Continue reading

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Installing High Sierra 10.13.4 in VirtualBox 5.x

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A short post here that might help somebody struggling to install the latest MacOS in VirtualBox on Linux.  Im running VirtualBox 5.2.10 on X86_64 Linux. The process below can be replicated on Windows as well, but the networking part at … Continue reading

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High Sierra , Avast; Bitdefender; Symantec; Intego and Metasploit

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Decided to upgrade the MacOS in my VirtualBox  to High Sierra and do some testing using customized Metasploit payload loaders there. Installed the and tested the generators from last year (I was not expecting the results to bypass this … Continue reading

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Running Metasploit Framework (pre-ruby) on VAX

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From the past series of computer archeology I wanted to try this in a long time. So what I did was first to get simh VAX NetBSD simulation running on a decent machine (not Ci20) All the information on how … Continue reading

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