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Custom-Meterpreter loader in 2019

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I have been using this generator for quite a while and it has always worked for me. Decided to enhance it with an additional function that spoofs certificates from websites and signs executable from them, original concept is from here … Continue reading

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AndrewSpecial – stealthy lsass.exe memory dumping

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Ultra short entry here. When reading a very interesting article on bypassing one End Point Security product to silently dump lsass.exe without getting detected¬† One will want to reproduce the steps of course and since the code is available … Continue reading

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Customizing the Clover.iso Mojave loader

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Short howto on how to build a custom Clover.iso for your VirtualBox Mojave emulation. You will need an existing macOS system either real or virtual (VirtualBox) for the script to prepare the clove.iso Below is an example script that will … Continue reading

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Conky configuration

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There were some people asking what is the Conky theme and configuration I use on my desktop Well I don’t know what should I call this but the configuration is shown below, this should be saved as ~./conky/conky.cfg Please do … Continue reading

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Enabling KVM in aarch64 Debian 9.6 for accelerated virtualization of CentOS 7.6 aarch64

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Centos 7.6 aarch64 howto Armbian guys are great in what they do with the sunxi64 kernel for the Pinebook. I have been experimenting with the Pinebook for 2 months now and so far I have used the native Ubuntu 18.04 … Continue reading

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Stats for this blog

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First time I’m doing this, here are some statistics for this blog (which originally served only as a backup for general knowledge) -> Happy New Year 2019 ! And here are the actual statistics So thank you again ! All … Continue reading

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Pinebook NetBSD arm64 -current multimedia benchmark

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This is strictly NetBSD evbarm (arm64) Pinebook performance test that I wanted to share if anybody is interested. Since most of the NetBSD binary packages are built via pkgsrc framework (which can be a lengthy process definitely not for the … Continue reading

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