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Solaris 10 x86 in VirtualBox InfoSec exercise ( CVE-2019-2832)

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One good lesson I have learned over the years from the  InfoSec perspective, is to be able to perform the boring things every UNIX admin knows by heart and is their daily routine. That is a full A-Z installation and … Continue reading

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Metasploit Framework vs. Android 8.1.0 Oreo

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Since we have been doing all sorts of customization against Windows/Linux targets for meterpreter/mettle loaders in the past, it is a right time to do one against the ever popular Android platform. We have done the installation in Qemu (under … Continue reading

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Android 8.1 in qemu and Burp Suite SSL interception

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In this exercise we will run the latest Android Oreo (8.1.0) x86_64 under KVM accelerated Qemu and forward all internet traffic from the Android through Burp Suite running on our Linux x86_64 host. We will be using the following software … Continue reading

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Running macOS Catalina Beta on VirtualBox Linux

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Short entry here how to get the latest macOS running inside the VirtualBox on your Linux machine (x86_64 Intel) We will need the following : Linux x86_64 (Im using Mint 19.1) Intel Core CPU with at least 8 GB RAM … Continue reading

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z/OS UNIX first look

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Accessing the UNIX shell from the z/OS TSO session is really simple and it was the only thing I really wanted to see.  I will only highlight some point of interest from the UNIX perspective here, like the shell environment, … Continue reading

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Metasploit framework on AIX 7.2

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A short entry here which might be of  help to whomever tries to run Metasploit framework on AIX and Power architecture. (I have not seen yet anybody mentioning this on the Internet) I have done all this under qemu-system-ppc64 (how … Continue reading

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Testing bleeding edge Ubuntu Server 19.10 s390x in qemu

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Qemu seems to be doing much better job at getting the latest virtio supported Linux builds for Big Iron ( Linux One  – For IBM System z series mainframes ) then the Hercules/Hyperion simulator (Although the latter can still run … Continue reading

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