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Compiling and Running native Neo4j on Apple M1 ARM64

If one needs to run neo4j natively on the Apple M1 hardware (for example to analyze/query BloodHound ingestor data from an Active Directory) and benefit from the fast CPU it seems to be possible to build and run from source. … Continue reading

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NetBSD -current on RPI4 Model B (8GB RAM)

For anybody that wishes to experiment and track NetBSD evbarm(aarch64) -current on the latest Raspberry Pi4 – I have compiled this how-to guide. Pre-requisites RPi4 Model B Working Linux distribution on which we will prepare the environment microSD card + … Continue reading


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Running HP-UX 11.11 on the Apple M1

After some time I decided to write another entry here that some might find useful, especially if they wish to run HP-UX (32bit) guest under Qemu on their Apple M1 hardware. What is HP-UX ? Well it is one of … Continue reading

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pkgsrc 2020Q3 on PPC64 MacPro G5

Text only friendly version @ – The following entry is dedicated to a Linux PPC64 (Big Endian) platform – All was done on a legendary PowerMac G5 Binary pkgsrc PPC64 (64bit ABI) selected packages for Linux PPC64 (glibc based … Continue reading

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Starcraft on Pinebookpro Manjaro (aarch64)

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Lately Im not updating this blog too much, so if anybody wants to follow some fresh randomness – please check Added a few HOWTOs for the Pinebookpro here in case anybody is interested Age of Empires II – reading

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CDE (Common Desktop Environment) on NetBSD ebvarm Pinebook

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WordPress does strange formatting, so if the below text is hard to read use a link here Not much time to post nicely formatted articles now, so hopefully the below format would do – if you are into some … Continue reading

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Using PKGSRC on Manjaro Linux aarch64 Pinebook-pro

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I wanted to see how pkgsrc works on aarch64 Linux Manjaro since it is a very mature framework that is very portable and supported by many architectures – pkgsrc (package source) is a package management system for Unix-like operating systems. … Continue reading

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Pinebookpro gaming part 3

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This time we will be doing a pure stock Debian 9 Stretch aarch64 that the PinebookPro ships with. I always keep the stock system installed on the eMMC and use other systems off the microSD (Manjaro, NetBSD) I have kept … Continue reading

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Pinebookpro gaming part 2

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Next chapter in PinebookPro gaming would be for OpenArena Following was tested on the Manajaro Linux (aarch64 with the latest updates) and the Panfrost driver (mesa-git) In order to use the Panfrost drivers please do the following pacman -R xf86-video-fbturbo-git … Continue reading

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Pinebookpro virtualization

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Sharing my virtualization configurations and howtos here with others in case anybody would find them usable. Currently a full 64bit support for KVM is only possible with Manjaro Linux ( which I run off a microSD card (faster the better, … Continue reading

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