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Pinebook NetBSD arm64 -current multimedia benchmark

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This is strictly NetBSD evbarm (arm64) Pinebook performance test that I wanted to share if anybody is interested. Since most of the NetBSD binary packages are built via pkgsrc framework (which can be a lengthy process definitely not for the … Continue reading

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Running MVS 3.8 on Hercules NetBSD arm64 Pinebook

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The Pinebook is an amazing little piece of hardware, and with the price tag of 100 USD a great way how to learn computer basics and enjoy it in the meantime. I have decided to cover my experience with NetBSD … Continue reading

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Reverse shell on AIX 7.2

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The current msfvenom (metasploit) payloads for AIX are aged and do not work on AIX systems anymore.  Here is an example of what is available right now # ./msfvenom -l payload | grep aix aix/ppc/shell_bind_tcp Listen for a connection and … Continue reading

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Running AIX 7.2 TL3SP1 on x86_64 via qemu-system-ppc64

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Who would not wish to run the best operating system on earth on his pity Intel Laptop ? I will describe here what I have done with the help of others and share some of my findings and recommendations how … Continue reading

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Gentoo on Alpha – Flying Circus 2

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Today is the All Soul’s Day and people usually spend some time remembering the dead. I will take the opportunity and remember the dead computer architecture Alpha (made by Digital which was the top computer hardware in the 90s and … Continue reading

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Hacker from the Shire

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A while ago I have seen a nice parody short comic strip from Middle-Earth, when Gandalf visited Biblo Baggins few years later after his adventures in the Lonely Mountain. Bilbo has of course brought with him the “one ” ring … Continue reading

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NetBSD 8 on Alpha ES40 simulator

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ES40 is the only open source emulator for the HP (DEC, Compaq) AlphaServer ES40. The current version is capable of running OpenVMS with some limitations. It emulates the Alpha AXP EV68CB processor and other devices.  ES40 emulator development has virtually … Continue reading

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