Unloading AV from Windows 10

Lately a new feature was shown in Mimikatz 2.1.1 that is able to remove process protection (usable in AV unload)

I have run the above test against fully patched Windows 10 x64 build 10.0.15063 , but unfortunately mimidrv.sys gets flagged immediately by AV (even if you get the mimikatz.exe bypassed) and you need a signed driver to load on x64 ..

I have obfuscated mimikatz via the following procedure ->


My old, ancient way still works. Here is a short demo of a successful unload of a protected process (MsMpEng.exe) Windows Defender ….

Here are the default mimikatz drivers builds and failures against MS Defender on Windows 10 x64 examples where I have failed to unload the protected process via mimikatz

Fail 1

Fail 2


P.S.S Cheers to Chris, nice chat today about stuff over coffee in the Beta Geminorum  ;)



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4 Responses to Unloading AV from Windows 10

  1. Rob Brown says:

    Nice. Did you ever release Viktor as open source? I’m looking for a way to load mimidrv.sys undetected.

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