LuckyStrike and custom Metasploit loader

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Lucky Strike is awesome.  So I wanted to share my findings from experiments I have made. TL:DR – LuckyStrike is an Excel file generator that will create an Excel file with a custom executable payload embedded as a macro. It … Continue reading

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John Connor vs. ESET (Hey Eset choose some other mascot, not a cyborg)

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Those people that saw the old Terminator movies probably agree that today’s Security companies are becoming more and more like Skynet :) I like the Slovak ESET, it is great, unfortunately they have chosen a terminator for their mascot, which … Continue reading

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Windows 2012 R2 AD controller / Windows 10 client / Metasploit / Mimikatz

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This is an experiment that I wanted to share. But before that I wanted to introduce my collection of WTF screenshots from movies that I have started recently. Mission Impossible 5 Data Transfer Relay Algo Open Sourced …. I wish … Continue reading

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Windows 10 UAC bypass with custom Meterpreter payloads

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I have promised myself to try this exercise to show how this is done. We have the following scenario : ——————————— Windows 10 Local/Domain user with Admin privileges Malicious link to “BeEF website” that is opened via Google Chrome on … Continue reading

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Yet another Windows 10 post after some time

I had not much time lately to post anything, as too many sad thing are happening around the world. Unfortunately these have kept me busy for these past few months as I have tried hard to analyze the news coming … Continue reading

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Windows 10 preview

Honestly when somebody said recently “hey did you know that Windows 10 was released…” I thought he was joking. It was released, the guy was not joking, and I suddenly had this thought if I have jumped ahead of time … Continue reading

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Annoying Skype forced upgrade on Linux

Skype forces you to upgrade…. fortunately there is a quick “fix”

ver=$(echo “” | xxd -p | sed ‘s/.\{2\}/&\\x/g;s/^/\\x/;s/\\x0a\\x//’); echo “sudo sed -i \”s/$ver/\x34\x2E\x33\x2E\x30\x2E\x33\x37/g\” /usr/bin/skype”

Here is a link for old Debian Skype in case it is needed    skype

Just rename it to skype.deb and install




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