Dll path spoofing in Windows 10 64bit and Lotus Notes 9.0.1

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Kak vobshe mogut Ruskie vzlomshiki razrabotat Amerikanskie servera ??? Davai Kirill dui prjamo po koridoru i vzlamyvai te suki. This was a particularly nice exercise  and I will share my findings here, maybe somebody will find this useful. A few … Continue reading

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Windows 2016 Server and Metasploit

Alive and kicking. Windows 2016 10.0.14393 RTM and some Metasploit testing. Decided not to use MobaXterm for file transfer as this messes up the NTFS security permissions somehow. This time I have just used Samba to transfer the payloads to … Continue reading

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Hollywood style …

Not too sure about this though …

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Scripts uploaded to Github

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Just added most of the scripts used here to Github. Maybe somebody will find it useful. https://github.com/DoktorCranium ¡Patria o Muerte, Venceremos!  

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Bourne again Jason

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From the collection of WTF moments here come some juicy screenshots from some 1337 hacking scenes in the new James Bourne movie. I had no strength to actually watch the movie, but somebody told me there are some  hacking scenes … Continue reading

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Cryptsetup Initrd root Shell demonstration

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I have an old Asus EEE PC 4G (trusty tiny laptop) running Debian 8 with LUKS encryption on LVM so as soon as I have heard the news about CVE-2106-4484 I wanted to see the bug in action. Now what … Continue reading

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Some interesting moments from the Snowden film

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From the collection of WTF moments, not to undermine the new film by Oliver Stone – Snowden. In the early part of the movie there is an interesting unix terminal session scene which is worth a closer look. The scene … Continue reading

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