Short demo of a CVE-2017-7494 on Debian8 Jessie

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Awsome work by HDMoore; Metasploit Module  (exploit/linux/samba/is_known_pipename). I have prepared a short video demo on a Debian 8 Jessie (amd64) running stock Samba 4.2.14 deb8up5.  

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Popcorn Time !

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Bashbunny with Metasploit ms17_010_eternalblue vs. Windows 7 SP1 x64

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I have finally got the Bashbunny from HAK5, and I can say this is really an Imperial Star Destroyer compared to the Teensy++ 2.0  A-Wing that I have used 6 years ago. Bashbunny is capable of running Metasploit framework as … Continue reading

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Compiling elinks 0.11.7 on Tru64 5.1B

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I have noticed that there is no OSF/1 Tru64 on the elinks homepage Decided to build one to  include it in the hall of elinks fame (love curses browsers). So here is the config options / tweak done to … Continue reading

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Building pkgsrc perl on Tru64 5.1B

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My adventures compiling perl5 in /pkgsrc/lang/perl5  Tru64 UNIX and pkgsrc OS – Tru64 Unix 5.1B pkgsrc 2014 May current – bootstrap works fine Using pkgsrc-current snapshot from 2014-May Building perl5  here are my experiment notes cd /pkgsrc/pkgsrc/lang/perl5 # env CC=/data/gcc447/bin/gcc … Continue reading

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GCC 4.4.7 and pkgsrc-current (April/May 2017)

# env CC=/data/gcc-new/bin/gcc CXX=/data/gcc-new/bin/g++ CFLAGS=-O2 ./bootstrap CC libarchive/archive_check_magic.lo CC libarchive/archive_cmdline.lo CC libarchive/archive_cryptor.lo CC libarchive/archive_digest.lo CC libarchive/archive_entry.lo CC libarchive/archive_entry_copy_stat.lo CC libarchive/archive_entry_link_resolver.lo CC libarchive/archive_entry_sparse.lo libarchive/archive_entry_sparse.c:53: error: conflicting types for ‘archive_entry_sparse_add_entry’ libarchive/archive_entry.h:603: note: previous declaration of ‘archive_entry_sparse_add_entry’ was here libarchive/archive_entry_sparse.c:137: error: conflicting types … Continue reading

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pkgsrc on Tru64 5.1B

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So after we have a usable GCC for Tru64 we can move on to put it to some good use. I prefer  pkgsrc. pkgsrc (package source) is a package management system for Unix-like operating systems. It was forked from the … Continue reading

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