Creator Ci20 mipsel update

A short update here.

I would like to thank in bringing back the  Ci20 NAND images online. They were missing for some time. NAND images are back !

If somebody finds GCC 7.3.0 binaries for Ci20 mipsel Debian 8.4 (Linux ci20 3.18.3-ci20-1 #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed May 25 10:24:41 UTC 2016 mips GNU/Linux)
useful I’m sharing them here

Here is a screenshot from the environment

P.S Gentoo Ci20 NAND image is flawed
There seems to be some bug in the native GCC compiler which crashes randomly.

Remember when building new binaries via this compiler to set the appropriate Library paths


As well as proper symlinks  in /usr/bin

  gcc -> /usr/local/gcc-7.3.0/bin/gcc
  g++ -> /usr/local/gcc-7.3.0/bin/g++
  cpp -> /usr/local/gcc-7.3.0/bin/g++

I have updated and will keep posting new pkgsrc-current (as of 20.02.2018) packages for Debian8 Ci20 here



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