Fun with msv1_0.dll in Windows 7 SP1 64bit

Recently I was able to look at the 64bit version of Windows 7 and check the MsvpPasswordValidate within the ms1_0.dll to see if it is possible to NOP the TRUE/FALSE RtlCompareMemory function when we compare hashes in memory.

It is actually much simpler then the Win7 SP1 32bit version of the library, with so much less objects in IDA-view it was very easy to find the function and replace it with NOP.

So in my demonstration Im using IDA-pro (for 64bit DLLs) and a patch utility called ida_patcher.c (download it from IDA and compile using Visual Studio Express 2010) to diff the results against the msv1_0.dll

So we search for the function MsvpPasswordValidate within the msv1_0.dll and check the following section in the IDA-view

Looks simple right ? So next we need to highlight the jnz loc_7FF735183A4
and switch to hex view so that we can see the part which we can patch like so:

Next we patch the highlited hex strings with NOP so instead of  0F 85 7C 80 00 00 we will have 90 90 90 90 90 90

Then we produce a DIFF file with our changes which we can then patch using the ida_patcher.exe

So the final command would be > ida_patcher.exe -i msv1_0.dll -p msv1_0.dll.patch

The resulting msv1_0.dll  (which we have copied from the C:\windows\system32 to another location right ?) can be used to authenticate with any password against Win7 64 SP1. For the tests sake I’ve just replaced the original msv1_0.dll with the patched one and i can login with any password imaginable. Nothing groundbreaking, but still could be used as a nice magic trick to amuse kids in your local IT class.



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7 Responses to Fun with msv1_0.dll in Windows 7 SP1 64bit

  1. I tried to NOP one RtlCompareMemory() call, but it seems that it didn’t have any effect on the authentication. Mine is a 32bit DLL for Windows 7. Can you explain the systematic debugging of msv1_0.dll a little bit? Instead of trying to do it blindly, I want to know the formal method behind such system level debugging.

  2. key says:

    Hi Astr0baby!

    It`s really work. But i have some problem with admin account. On the computer is a domain user and the administrator, the process came to a domain user, but not for the administrator. The Administrator account is disabled in the settings of the Group Policy Object. Maybe there is a way around this block like this with the dll? I would be very grateful for any help.

  3. key says:

    Yes, you understood correctly. Method to link helped me. Administrator account is not enabled, but I created a new user with admin rights. Thank you for your help, you have a very useful blog!

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